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Online Coins Catalogue coins-book.com

19 September 2014 15:22
Online Coins Catalogue coins-book.com

Dear Numismatists,

Welcome to coins-book.com website. The main idea of this website is to provide a systematic coins catalogue.

The website has coins images of the world's countries, as well as their descriptions. All coins images are divided by countries and systematical issues. Thus, it will allow you to determine which coins were in circulation within one period of time and see how the coins were changed during centuries.

You can also take a part in creation of this online coins catalogue and add your own images of coins that are currently absent on the website by using "Add coin" webpage. The only one requirement is sending coins images in 600 dpi quality on black background.

Also, we will be glad if you take part in improvement of the website by correcting existing mistakes or proposing your own vision to catalog systematical issues. All Your suggestions can be sent by using "Add coin" webpage.

Your faithfully,

The coins-book.com team